Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Too late to disturb her...

I'm a hideous procrastinator.  In fact, this is the third time I've started a post for today and I'm running out of hours to post it in and be able to make it for the day.  Technically, by my procrastination standards I still have time.  It is only now 9:40pm as I write this.  I have until 11:59pm so...

But I digress because I'm working around to saying this - most posts by me will be really late, and if they are early it is because I've written it out well in advance, and it keeps me from making a truly interesting post.

I was going to start a random things about me post and slowly add to it over the month.  Doing it only in chunks though is a bit of a cop out for posting the whole list of 100 and I'm really boring.  I went back and read the other two times I did it...  I was coming up with a lot of the same things just reworded and more long winded.

Then it occured to me that I could show off the quilt I made Ann for her birthday as I don't think I've shown it on the blog.  But it's 9:40pm.  Ann's bedtime is between 7 and 7:30... the quilt is in bed with her and she's sleeping on top of it at the moment.  So, you won't be seeing it today either.

There's actually quite a few crafts that we have done together that I should show off as well.  No one but Chad and me have seen her hand print pumpkins we made... and I have lots more things planned.  Not all of them for this season, but over lots of time and years.

Once Ann realizes that I have all of these crafts planned out though, she might become just a little scared.  We read the Little House series and all I could think of during that time was re-reading it with her when she's 8 and all the little projects we can do from it - make a dress by hand without the sewing machine, turning cream into butter, hand quilting, etc.  I want to do so many little things like that with her.

Poor child.  I am very excited for that day.  But I'm not going to wish for it to come sooner as she's already doing things too quickly.

Although, thinking about all of that - the only way it will happen is if I improve upon this procrastination.  Which means I should go now and start that infinite to do list called the craft room....

And for those of you wondering - the concert last night was incredible!!  This one was better than the first time I saw him.  The only problem was that it was over too quickly.  Tomorrow night I'm going to the fair to see another concert.  I only hope that I have just as good a time, even if it will be quite different.  I'm going to see The Guess Who.  If you're not sure who they are you should look them up.

But I'm procrastinating again... Till tomorrow all!

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