Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I know it can be disconcerting to get to afternoon on the first day of the biggest blogging month out of the year and see a blog that hasn't updated as frequently as the owner says they are going to.  I apologize for that.  And with that said, this post may not make a lot of sense to some readers, as I am once again catching up on past promised items.  But I do thank you for coming and reading, and tomorrow when I have downtime and have organized everything better in my house I will return the hit and be reading many of yours.  That said, let me move forward to the catching up portion.

I will do a brief introduction for you.  I'm Melissa and I started this blog started almost six years ago as a way to share pictures with my family of the beautiful Charleston, SC area without clogging their inboxes.  It has evolved multiple times, but I keep it still, even when there are times I am very lax about posting.  I work as a neonatal ICU nurse and my husband is a lab technician and we have a one year old daughter.  I also try to do arts and crafts in the way of knitting, crocheting, beading, and sewing plus whatever else I can't get out of my head and use this to share that as well.  But you'll be hearing a lot more about that in the coming days.

For my family, the answer is yes I'm crazy again this year.  I am participating for the second time in NaBloPoMo and will be posting every day this month.  After not doing it last year because of Ann's age, I'm ready to do it again this time around.

So, to that catching up.  Two weekends ago we went to Asheville.  I know there are many waiting on those pictures, and here they are:

Well, okay that was a video, here are the pictures:

We really did enjoy our weekend.

Then you have the fact that yesterday was Halloween.  Because I was working, Ann got to spend two days in her costume.  Sunday with me at the aquarium!

She had a great time there looking at all the fish  She was even great and had lots of whispers and smiles as we went all over the rest of town, her in her Tigger outfit.

But, that does do it for this post today.  I have to get ready to go see Josh Groban tonight!!  I can't wait.

Til tomorrow!

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