Thursday, November 17, 2011

Get through tomorrow

I have to work tomorrow.  After that I have four days off and I need to make sure I do the following things:
  • finish cleaning the junk craft room
  • finish the shopping list for Thanksgiving
  • finish the gift shopping list
  • put away the clothes
  • go through Ann's clothes and find both warmer clothing and cooler clothing since the weather is bipolar (last week highs in low 60's I love it but Ann's fingers get so cold, this week high's 70's and 80's both Ann and I sweat...)
  • clean the car
  • Take the family photo
Now, the last thing on the list can wait a little bit.

Here's to hoping I acutally do all this, especially since the first one on my list has been there since... umm... before Ann was born.

Later all!

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