Friday, November 18, 2011

Let me start chanting now...

At work I find myself chanting to myself in my head a lot.

It's best to just leave it at that.  But honestly I start chanting all the things I need to get accomplished in my 12 hour day, how I'm going to accomplish those things, and what to do when life throws the monkey wrench in (about once an hour) and I have to rearrange said tasks to fit in better.

When I get home I stop chanting.  Maybe that's my problem.

In my head I frequently am living up to higher expectations than what you see.  For instance I have long drawn out beautiful posts that express everything I want and draw lots of comments.  Ever seen one of those here...

Yeah, neither have I.

So, now I'm going to change my chanting from work chanting to blog chanting and chore chanting... maybe in doing this I will accomplish my to do list that I posted yesterday and have a few more meaningful posts.

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