Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I end up not saying a lot of things about how I feel about the world and politics that I would like to express on here for two reasons:
1.  How it could affect me professionally - everything can be traced back
2.  I don't necessarily want to debate people who aren't willing to respect my viewpoint even when they disagree from it.  I do enough of that in real life at times, no need to do that with anonymous people just looking to bother others.

But this article:

PETA slams Mario

Now I suppose PETA will go after children too who dress up as their favorite animal for Halloween... There are a lot of orgnaizations and people that need to find better things to do with their time.  PETA is in the top ten.


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Amanda said...

I can honestly say, after playing Mario for many, many years, that I have never (NOT ONCE!) played that game and thought, "Wow Mario looks so cute in that little racoon outfit. I should totally get one for myself!" *rolls eyes*