Thursday, November 10, 2011

The dreaded Christmas post

It seems to me that this post is tied in with all my other things I'm delaying to do lately.  Once again, as I mentioned yesterday I'm all talk and no action.  Will someone, one of my 4 readers perhaps, inquire about these things occasionally and hold me accountable?  Maybe then I can get of my lazy butt and actually do it.

Once again, it is November and I'm FORCED to think of Christmas before I'm ready because the decorations started going into the stores before Halloween.  Growing up, at least the important years of growing up, Christmas was the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas day (but my family extended it until  the Epiphany around January 7th normal for Catholics - odd for where I grew up).  I recently heard a story on NPR from an Indian about the festival of Diwali and felt that I could relate to his feelings when I think about how we start the holiday advertising and Christmas music at Halloween now instead of waiting for this hallowed time.

It is one of my pet peeves that this comes earlier and earlier each year.  I feel it makes people behave worse than before and makes the holiday into one that is about material goods and not spreading joy and hope and helping others.  The true meaning is lost the longer the season goes on.  I struggle with exactly how I will teach the true meaning to Ann.

Now, that is the quick and easy of why I hate holiday advertising, and the essential gist of this post.  If your wanting to see how crazy I am, keep reading...

What's even worse, is that for my family I have caved into some pressure and created wish lists of things for Ann to help people out with ideas.

I feel as if I'm being a greedy jerk for doing this.  I really do.  But hopefully it can give people ideas that they want.  In fact, I've overpaded the lists to truly help show that it's just ideas and I will add to them as I am able to.What's worse, is that out of laziness I have three for her based on what I could find when browsing different sites.  (After typing that I acutally went to condense some and have discovered that some things are not available on the other site so I'm staying lazy and keeping three.)

You have my word that I will not be purchasing the items on the lists for at least 6 months.  I know that the books I have on there are not any of the ones we own, and I am working on a list of what we do own so that you could go off list confidently.

I know I make it difficult for others because I have certain things I don't want- overly electronic items (I feel that Ann should use her imagination and not have a toy do it for her, but limited things are okay, there are even some things she has that I've never put batteries in and she loves the toys), items that require TV interaction (she's too young for it and I won't allow it for her for a long time.  I have an age set in my mind that I may change, but it's not anytime soon), the Leapster items or other electronic reading help/game items (I think children start to rely on them and dont' learn to read effectively on their own from it), and color wonder items (have to learn to stay on paper and that things do mark where they aren't supposed to somehow).  At least that's what I can think of off the top of my head.

Additionally Ann has more than enough dolls (although, interesting fact is that Cabbage Patch kids need preemie clothes because 0-3 month clothes fall off of them) and stuffed animals from me but I won't complain if there are more, she has the Fisher Price little people already (granted - the originals but I will supervise well), and a dollhouse play set already waiting for her (Precious Places - does anyone else remember this?).

She has definitely outgrown a lot of her toys.  And what is advertised as appropriate for her age she will outgrow fairly quickly depending on what it is.  That's why this year Santa will bring her lacing beads from Melissa and Doug, a wooden block set from Melissa and Doug, and the Castle MarbleWorks (or something similar for balls).

And books, we love real books.  And I'm making it so that she will not have this type of reaction:

It makes me so sad that is the reaction of many kids now. (if the video is not working for you here, here is the link)

So, now that I've rambled and you've seen how crazy I am here is a link to the lists:
toysrus:Ann's Wish List
Amazon: Ideas for Ann
Barnes and Noble: Ideas for Ann

Once again I promise not to get anything on the lists.  I promise that these are not must haves (heck, she really doesn't need anything!) and you can get things not on the list.  I may add to the lists to share more ideas.

And, to help you out Mom, for everyone to see, is the Christmas list for my siblings and me:
Melissa gives to Tameeka
Chad gives to Kat
Daniel gives to Sarah
Kat gives to Chad
Tameeka gives to Daniel
Sarah gives to Kelly
James gives to Melissa
Kelly gives to James.

(We draw names each year to save on expenses as we are a very large family).

And soon to come will be lists for Chad and myself as well to make that easier too.  I can't believe I caved.

That's it for now as I've got a diaper to change.  Until tomorrow!

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