Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not prioritizing well

As expected by everyone, including me, priorities are shifted and I'm not doing things I anticipated even if I considered them important.  Such as I want to write a journal about Ann's delivery so I can keep those memories before they fade but I haven't even taken the moment to do that. 

The sad part is that I've had time to do it.  Instead I've spent time with Ann, Chad, and family and of course taking a few more pictures.

So, here are a few of the pictures for all, since nothing else is available to share right now.

First, since the announcements are going out in the next two days (just waiting on a few more addresses before I can print out the labels tonight) the runner up picture for the announcement.  Yes, that means you have to wait for the announcement to see the one we chose for it.  And the rest are what I've had the chance to take.  In some you can definitely tell she's over the pictures already.  Someone had better prepare her she's got to live with it!

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Anna B said...

Isaac says, "Awwe! That baby looks so cute!"