Saturday, October 30, 2010

I want to brag, but it's not fair to others...

So I will restrain myself and not brag about the first thing that comes to my mind. I will brag about the fact that over 1 years worth of hard work has paid off and I'm moving up to become an RN III at work - which for those of you that don't know essentially means that I'm in a group of people willing to help in the leadership of the unit and take on projects that benefit the unit.

In other news, Ann is now over two weeks old and some of my fears were laid to rest in that she's growing well and is now past her birth weight at 7lbs 5oz and almost 20 inches long.  This made me feel much better as I have been worrying way too much about her given my uncertainty and I'm relaxing a little bit more.

She's close to crying real tears when she does cry and seems to have picked up my bad habit of fighting sleep even though she needs a nap.  I count my blessings though as Ann gets a stretch of five hours of sleep a night then I have her eat and will get another stretch as we do Kangaroo Care together.

And she's sick of modeling for me for pictures.  For example:
 I think here she would say, "Mom, I love Cookie Monster, but does it have to look like he has eaten me for a snack?"

 And of course here she had no choice.

Below are the two week pictures with her, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird.

And now we have pictures from today.
 "Really, Mom, the camera again?"

"I'll keep this one."  I made the pumpkins for her, which is good as the pumpkin hat I made for her won't fit her until next year because I didn't care anything about gauge and just went with it.

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