Friday, October 22, 2010

1 Week Old

Yesterday Ann turned a week old.  Life continues on here and we are working into a routine.  I'm happy to say that all seems to be well.  We are gaining weight (yes, I have a scale here, it was a gift and Chad and his brothers used to be weighed on it) and have periods of fussiness mostly in the afternoons but we seem to be settling into a routine.

We had our first arts and crafts day yesterday and things turned out well, but I'm going to be quiet as to the craft because only one of the three recipients have gotten this so I still want to surprise the others.

Of course, at this point I'll be in trouble if I don't post pictures, and as there is not much more to say until I get into a good routine I know they are what everyone wants to see anyway.


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Aunt Amanda said...

I love the picture of Ann surrounded by the stuffed animals. She looks THRILLED. LOL In most of her pictures, I definitely see that the "annoyed with pictures" gene got passed down from the Fluharty side of the family..... :)