Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An official look

Chad and I went yesterday for an official ultrasound, where I had all my questions (are all the intestines where they should be, is the diaphragm closed, is the heart developing correctly, you know all the NICU nurse would worry immediately about questions) answered officially for insurance.

So of course that means it's another picture sharing time.

But what some don't realize is that the bigger Pumpkin gets (or any baby for that matter) the harder it is to get good pictures as there is less room. But here we go:

Pumpkin had the feet crossed at the ankles for part of the time. I know it's grainy but you can barely make it out if you look that both feet are there:

I guess that means many of the pokes and prods during this time were from the fists... (and actually, we did see that correlating during some of the pictures)


Measurement of the heart rate:

Pumpkin goes back and forth from 140's to higher 150's depending on the time of the appointment.

And here Pumpkin is with hands tucked up under the chin and beside the face:
"Who me, poking mom with my fist, never..."

Next ultrasound isn't until July at this point, but that's okay, now that I can feel Pumpkin moving I'm more easily assured as to things being fine than living in a gray area.

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