Monday, May 17, 2010

Because it's been requested

Due to projects and the want to complete other things I have been behind on many things people would like to see, such as pictures of me each week and such. And, it's not that I haven't been posting (even though I haven't been posting) but in the rush and requirments of some projects some of the things just haven't been done (like the pictures). I am finding some more time though, and it has been requested, so here is the recent update.

Here I am just after I found out I was pregnant:

That would be at three weeks. I knew long before I was willing to let anyone but Chad know. (Well, to be honest, my behavior immediately changed at karate too so people there knew something was up with only those in the immediate need to know knowing exactly what was up).

This is at 10 weeks, already unable to comfortably keep my jeans buttoned and just before telling everyone:

And while Mom wasn't quite sure when I was in my clothes, she had seen me in my gi and guessed before the official announcement (ask her about that sometime, I had her thinking she was going crazy)

And here I am yesterday, at 19 weeks:

Still the same jeans, and luckily there is tons more room to go in the shirts. I'm using the motherhood maternity band to keep my jeans up and I'm quite comfortable 90% of the time.

Pumpkin is still not quite letting me feel my usual self, but it is slowly getting better on the appetite front, but now I have this cough that won't go away. I'll be asking my nurse practitioner about that on Thursday.

No food cravings as of this time, at least nothing consistent or strange. There's been nothing I want that I have to have or I'll die. Although there are some things I'm enjoying much more than usual (pineapple has been very good lately). I also still can't eat what used to be a full meal for me at one sitting. But, as I have so much extra to start with, there could be worse things in the world.

I do think I am now consistently recognizing Pumpkin's movements, especially within the past three days; in the past two weeks I've wondered but what I wondered at would never repeat itself in a time frame for me to be sure. Next is for Pumpkin to become strong enough for Chad to feel them.

And finally, Chad has finished painting the room:

You only get this corner to look at because it's the only clean corner in the room at the moment, I have to finish getting my things out of there and then we'll show the whole room.

So there you go and I hope to post more regularly again (I can't believe we are halfway through May, but at the same time, it feels like this is going slowly for me... probably because due to my field of work I count every single week) but I'm not promising anything.


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