Friday, February 05, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

I don't know what happened to my post from yesterday. The mysterious wonderland of blogger ate it for me I suppose. As it is my post from Wednesday took five hours to show up so... everything has been running slowly lately.

But, please excuse the mess as everything has not found it's place yet, here is my craft room with my bookcases that we've painted:

And a little closer to see the effect on the wall (rag rolled, Sherwin Williams paint colors, if anyone wants to know the colors, comment and I'll put it up here)
Needless to say, I love it. Plus, I am even more firmly cemented in the fact that semi-gloss paint is the best paint for walls now that this room is done. I can't wait to be able to do more of the house. Satin is okay, but I have crazy texture issues and that's what's in my bathrooms - I wish I had gone with the semi-gloss there but I can tolerate the Satin finish. What I can't stand, and is the worst most disgusting thing in the world is the rest of the walls in the house. They are nasty and anytime you touch the wall with anything it shows. Not true of semi-gloss! And the satin in the bathrooms has not held up as much as I'd like it to so... eventually I will have all rooms in a house semi-gloss.

And, last week when I was sick, here is the chicken and dumplings I made from this recipe at

The only modifications I did to the recipe were to add as much chicken stock as water and I added more of both of those than called for. Even Chad liked it and he's not a huge Chicken and Dumpling fan.

And to give you an idea to how sick I was (or maybe just that I'm not all right in the head) here's the little guy that came to visit me while I made chicken and dumplings:

What can I say, I looked at this little carrot and he had to have a face.

Too bad he couldn't stay to play with Fredrick, that would have been enjoyable. (Yes, Chad was avoiding me because he thought that was so strange... it had nothing to do with me being sick, nothing at all)

But, there's my random tidbits. I'll talk to all tomorrow!

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