Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Sunday Scoop

Yes everyone, it is that time of year again. The time where I start re-evaluating what my goals are and what I want to do with everything. The time of year where I plan bigger than I have time to do make huge lofty statements that are gone within two months (if they make it that long) and the time where I vow I'm going to change.

And it happens every year at this time with a renewal of spirits in January and a third time in March before I finally feel guilty about not accomplishing it all.

There are multiple factors contributing to the fact that this starts in November every year. First is close to the holidays and I always have lofty high goals that I fall through on every year. Second is the fact that I already have my work schedule from now until January 16, 2010 for both of my jobs. (For those who haven't realized it yet, I am "working" a second job at the dojo as an assistant instructor - although at the moment I'm still in training for that.) That fact ensures that I already have my new calendar for 2010 and am now marking down days and starting to plan for next year with it. And finally, playing into my lofty goals and the internet groups I participate it, the other factor is that because I am not yet crazy enough to do NaNoWriMo (one year I will) I unofficially participate in NaBloPoMo as I told you all to be prepared for yesterday.

It is in the setting up of my calender and the blog posts for the month that my goals become loftier and I'm determined that I'm going to do it. Last year I did make the whole month of November by planning ahead carefully for days when I would work and making sure that I posted my thoughts before enabling the blog post to go up each day.

Looking at the pattern of how I did this last year, and the pattern of how I semi-plan my life I have (naively and overly optimistically of me once again) that I have begun to feel rejuvenated. You see, one of my little OCD's is the fact that I enjoy the fact I have my schedule now so I can plan ahead. The further out I know my work schedule, the better I feel because I then know what else I can plan. Unfortunately that is about as scheduled as I get - knowing if I have to go to work or not. Everything else I "plan" to do falls by the wayside in my poor time management skills - or rather the fact that I am addicted to procrastinating on everything until the very last minute (something I really have to break the habit of because it is affecting me negatively).

But I digress.

This rejuvenation really had me thinking today about scheduling for the blog this month and the hope that I'll keep it up past November (I won't promise, because I hate to break that promise but I will secretly hope inside that I keep it up). Some of the blogs I enjoy the most have themes that they run around - or rather certain days they post certain things.

So that's where this will go. This month I will see how much I enjoy posting my themes, know that I can always post more than just the one thing if I have more I want to share that I actually take the time to share. And here is what you have to look forward to:

The Sunday Scoop:
Until recently I've given my Weekly updates on Sundays. I'm going to revert back to that as I did it for so long that it doesn't feel right updating the happenings in our household on Wednesdays. So the scoop of the week will once again be on Sunday. More consistency and it helps for when my annual Christmas letter goes out.

Monday Images:
Photography is one of the few art forms that I play with that I'm always happy to share with others. I'm so self conscience of the other forms of art I've done in my life (no one sees me trying out for plays anymore or even giving speeches) that I need to make sure to share more often the one that makes me happy.

Tuesday Lessons:
I have so much I want to learn and so much I need to share for others that I'm going to either teach something to you all or share with you what I'm learning - be it something simple like my arts and crafts or something harder like a medical concept that I'm looking at Tuesdays will be the time I slip this in.

Work-In-Progress (WIP) Wednesdays:
My day to show of crafts. I have participated in several WIP Wednesdays before and it's fun to share. Naturally it should fall in here.

Thoughtful Thursdays:
I'm really corny (as if you couldn't tell from my topics for each day so far) and have this thing for memes that I see on other peoples blogs. Most of these are in list form so they make me think further out than I usually do. So Thursdays will be for meme's, lists, and any other random thought that pops into my head.

Friday's Feast:
I have an inkling to cook every now and then and one blog that I read that has pictures I adore is about food. And lets not forget the fact that Chad is an incredible cook and baker so I will be sharing more of his creations than mine but this space will be a time to feature favorite foods that I've enjoyed through recipes and photos.

and finally...

Newsworthy Saturdays:
I will share with you the medical and weird news findings that have entertained me throughout the week while trying to keep the major headlines out of it (unless the personally really get to me).

So there you have it. That's the plan for the month that I'm hopeful will stick.

That said, today's scoop is that (as I said yesterday) Chad and I have returned from Seattle and are back into the swing of things. We are working around the house and at work. Until I finish going through my pictures (they are uploading now) I have nothing interesting to share, especially as I didn't keep the best of tabs on the little details to make this report interesting for you.

I am very happy for a very special family that I was taking care of at work. Their youngest son (my primary patient) was discharged this past Thursday after being there for almost three months. They are in my prayers as they adjust to life with all of their children in their home now and I can't wait to see how it is going for them. Luckily, I also know them outside of work so this will be one patient I get to see be successful after he's left.

And that will do me for today! Look for pictures tomorrow.

Edited to add:
After posting this I decided to make it official! Here's the badge:

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