Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday Images

Obviously I have a back log of images to share right now. I have plenty that I haven't shown from before our trip, much less what has come during the trip.

I am now in the process of uploading pictures to Facebook for those of you on there to enjoy but I'll go ahead and skip ahead to some scenery pictures for you all to enjoy from Washington. I'll save my other back log for later on in the month.

These are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Ceiling on the glass bridge, Tacoma.

Bridge in Tacoma.

View of Mt. Rainier.

A bridge we were able to see on a five mile scenic route around Point Defiance Zoo. This is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge site (where the one that collapsed from winds in the 1940). I don't know this for sure though.

Star fish in the zoo aquarium.

I liked the colors.

Once again, I liked the colors.

He's bit off a bit more than he can handle.

There's been such a drought in the past few years the Carolina's haven't seen leave changes like these for awhile.

A pier on the Puget Sound.

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JerzyDevil said...

Love the starfish pic. It looks like they're glowing.