Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quick update

So, no blog post yesterday as we were traveling to Washington State to visit my bother-in-law and his family.  We hear from our house sitter that the fish are behaving themselves at this point, but seeing as they are shifty little creatures, I don't know how long that will last.  We plan on exploring the area and going to Seattle while were here.
Usually this is the weekend that we are in North Carolina for SAFF and I'm getting my arts and crafts fix.  But there are no worrys as Seatle is having a quilt show this weekend, along with yarn and other crafts too.  I can still get my craft fix!  (Our nieces are fascinated by my knitting and I would show them how to do it but it wouldn't be fair to start one lesson and then leave them for my sister-in-law who doesn't yet know how to knit to try to guide through the rest).
Looking forward to lots more fun but at the same time my thoughts and prayers are going out to my primaries family as he is having a few issues at the moment.  But he's going to get through them and do fine!
Later all!

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