Sunday, May 24, 2009

We lead a boring life

I realized a few days ago that at this current point in time, we lead a boring life. Really that's fine with me and I'm not going to do much to change it but it doesn't lead for good blog posts.

I'm going to fix that, I'm not sure how, but I'm going to fix just that part.

In the mean time Chad and I have just been working and doing our hobbies.

I finished my Clapotis

and now I've got to block it.

We've been enjoying weather quirks such as this one:

If you look closely you can see the rain drops with the sun in full shine through the trees. And this wasn't a little rain, no it was pouring hard.

At least we got to check out the gutters that we had installed.

Yes, my life is that boring that we have come to the mundane parts like installing gutters and landscapers regrading part of our property...

I continue to try to capture pictures of things in flight. This time I came up with one descent one:

And my lilies are finally in bloom!

So, even though I didn't post, you didn't miss anything. I expect this to change in a few weeks as I start to try to blog about more of my thoughts and processes and as my siblings start to come for their summer trips.

Yes, from after my brother-in-law's HS graduation until mid July Chad and I will have my siblings with us, so this should be fun! And for those wondering - No I have not lost my mind, they are not all coming together, it's in a rotation, but I will swap out one for two and then the two for the last one.

Fun times ahead! Talk to you all later!

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