Sunday, May 03, 2009

A little bit of randomness

So, every now and then I go in search of a knitting magazine from England and am able to get it at Barnes and Noble. (There is this incredible pattern writer for stuffed toys who frequently publishes in it) Of course, it frequently has "free gifts" with the purchase of the magazine and this time it was stitch markers:

Now, many of you reading are not knitters, so just bear with me a second, you'll be amused by this too. And before I opened the package I happened to turn it over to read this:

"Please retain information for future reference." Seriously? what type of reference will I need for beads and jump rings? Needless to say, it intriqued me that something so simple, a charm really, would need future reference.

Then again, I've had plenty of fun reading warning labels on American products. "Cape does not give one the ability to fly" as found on costumes...

I'm sorry to say I have not retained the packaging as it was destroyed trying to get the stitch markers out. I have this picture should I ever find the need to reference it...

In other news:
My gardening is going so so. I have some lilies getting ready to bloom, one that didn't bloom last year and so far hasn't again this year. That one though may be planted to deep and getting too much water. We'll see what happens after we get our drainage problems in the yard fixed.

The mums are getting ready to bloom:

And my petunias have a mind of their own.

When I bought the petunias (which I've discovered I really really like) I bought two varieties. Red and white like these:

But some have turned pink:
And those aren't faded red ones, those are new blooms...

And some are red and white on the same plant:
Okay, sure, I'll go with it.

I give, I just have a strange green thumb. Now, if only I could figure out how to properly pinch and trim and such, the mums will be even bigger this fall...

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