Thursday, April 30, 2009

Holy Cow its really May

I don't know what happened to this week, nor can I figure out what has happened to the month of April!

I didn't mean to skip the post this week, it just kind of happened. The nursery is hopping and I'm involved with a few projects and have last minute (yes, I'm a horrible procrastinator) things to do out of necessity. I also have to remind myself that if I thought this was bad I should just wait for next week... I have to go to MUSC for at least seven days in a row (I don't have to do twelve hour shifts every day but I still have to go down there) for meetings and classes and work...

But life remains here and I'm also gearing up for the summer. (Yes mom, I'll email you my schedule soon!) As I will have Sarah and James come spend time with me individually (for two weeks each!) and Tameeka and Kelly will come together for a few days (there are reasons for this, I do have logic to my madness) essentially giving me the entire month of June with my siblings - James first, then Tameeka and Kelly, then Sarah - I'll drop one back to mom and dad and pick up the next until they've all been here.

All this planning means I'm closer to finishing the organizing. In fact, that's my weekend project after karate!

Chad's been busy doing yard work, and as soon as I see the sun myself, I'll share it with you.

Talk to you guys soon!

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