Monday, February 09, 2009

A little of this a little of that

So, I thought I would give you all a rest yesterday and didn't post. If only... But can't I just tell you that. After all, there was a lot to catch up on if your a Sunday only reader...

And now I give you a random post in no particular order. With some pictures:

I am better at cooking, but have some irrational fears when it comes to doing so. I hate cooking bacon or anything in oil because I don't want to get popped. Of course, the only appropriate answer to this is "it happens, get over it."

Generally, I have gotten over it. I frequently make fajitas, trying to replicate the resturants by using our cast iron skillet and oil, browning the meat then the vegetables and then throwing them together for the seasoning to go in. I get little pops and no longer react to them - I used to always react by at least pulling away a little pit and cautiously going back to the skillet.

Apparently it's come to bother me less than I thought. Tonight, when putting the vegetables in, I had a drop of oil fly onto my arm. I didn't say anything at all, stirred the vegetables a little bit and then noticed a small red spot on my arm. So, I briefly rinsed that spot in cold water and continued cooking (there was a little question from Chad and the reminder that it happens).

Imagine my surprise to look at my arm an hour later and see this:

Yes, welts. Two large ones and lots of small ones. (you can't see them all from this angle, but this is the best picture I could get...) And to think, I had only believed that I had hit myself where that welt in the center of the picture is.

Next, I was participated in another swap and have recieved my package today!

Lots of cool things! I feel that I didn't treat my swap partner half as good as she treated me. Love it!

I can't wait for more swaps from this group I'm in on Ravelry to come up. It's really nice as there is a $10 spending cap on the package (excluding shipping) making it really easy to accomplish the goal of the swap. I'm just waiting for the next fun theme to come up!

Next, I'm thrilled to say that I am not the only bad procrastinator in my family when it comes to exchanging Christmas gifts and have now recieved all of mine from my family. (This is NOT a complaint. I wouldn't have cared we didn't get them until next Christmas!)

I was surprised to see on of my gifts though:

Truly didn't expect it and now, I'm definately going to use it. I'm preparing it now:(And yes, there really were mini playing cards in the box.) Did you know the same people who make Chia pets make The Clapper. These two things along with the Life Alert commercials playing in my area (you know the ones "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!) really are cracking me up lately. I think I need my head examined.

Finally, do you remember the penguins? I finally finished them completely and sent them out. They have now invaded the house of my brother-in-law's family so I can show them on here.

What was the big deal you say?

Well, it was their eyes. I suck at eyes! (or embroidery anyway)

Don't believe me, look at the attempt that made me puzzle over how to finish them for so long:

Can't see it there, look a little closer:
They're lopsided and it looks like you've got a psychotic penguin on the loose! Since they came out of my house, they just may be psychotic but no need to let people know that up front :)

Even Chad was amused by it and needed a picture for share with his coworkers (I didn't care!).

You may notice that the one behind it had eyes that weren't completely finished but looked a little better in placement. Here that penguin is up close:

What did it take to get here? Look away if your "squeemish":
That's right, a DPN through the head to line them up right.

And here's the five before shipping:
You can't see it from here but there are little black dots on their eyes so that they don't look soul-less.

Now, here's to them holding up to child's play and that I've properly woven in all my ends! (Then again, the doll I gave to my sister isn't something to judge by with her OCD, she probably purposely sought out all of the ends.)

Other than that, I took my bi-annual CPR class today and now am looking forward to two days of crafting (knitting, sewing, whatever) and maybe finishing one or two of the five books I am in the middle of... I think I need to prioritize better!

Later all!

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Amanda said...

The penguins are simply fabulous and the kids love them. While Camden at first was fascinated with the box, he has now figured out that the penguin is easier on his gums when chewing on it. :) They're wonderful. Thank you for making them! Oh, and there was even an argument in the car about naming them, but we resoloved it - Emma and Elizabeth BOTH have named their penguins "Melissa." :)