Saturday, February 07, 2009

Oh, my... Remember this?

So, I was of course, a googley eyed teenager (I believe that was one of the descriptions thrown at me) when Titanic was out in theaters and had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio at the time.

I've been reading comics online and subscribe to Fox Trot classics which is currently rerunning their Titanic strips.

This one, I know for a fact was put in my face as my family loved to tell me "The Boat Sinks!" I couldn't stop laughing.



Amanda said...

OMG remember how often that damn song was played??? I started dating a guy when this movie came out.....and we broke up before it was out of theaters. That movie just kept going and going and going...... And we all know what happens, but we get caught up with Jack and Rose. *sigh*

Oh, and I watched it last week sometime. I even recorded it because it was going to be on late. :)

Melissa said...

You mean you don't own it? Really?

How many times did we end up seeing it together. I know we were restrained - wasn't it twice?

And I have to share that I have one of my Rhapsody music stations on (I think number 1 hits or something) and that song came on as I was typing in the blogger address to respond! What timing!

Amanda said...

Oh no, I have it on video. And not only video, but I also have the soundtrack.

I know I saw it at least three times in theaters, but I'm not sure if I saw it with you every time. That was, god, 12 years ago? When did that movie come out? Oh wait, maybe 10 years? Whatever, it's been a while. But that is still a great movie, lol.