Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How are things now?

So Sunday I spent my first day in postpartum. Nothing like NNICU, a completly keyed down expirience for me but it's just day one, so I have a lot yet to see.

Other things that I have shown you recently and some not so recently:

My arm now looks hideous:

But feels better. I'm causing many people anguish when they look at it and I am reminding many people that I am a nurse professionally and can handle this (this includes reminding coworkers of this).

The Chia Pet has been quick to grow.
And Fredrick - who may I remind has been rather silent on the blog - thinks he needs a name as we will go through this growing process over and over again with the left over seeds and then recommended seeds.

My mother asked for a picture of me actually wearing the vest that I knitted for myself and finished last October:

It has been so long in coming because I left the vest at my father-in-law's house after I wore it the first time and received it back in December. It's just now been cool enough with the motivation to iron the shirt I wear under it.

I am happy to report that I feel it is becoming too big! (Yes, that means at some point I will take it apart and redo it.)

I have no new picture to show of my Clapotis - just know that there is progress being made on it.

And I am working on a new sewing/pseudo-quilt project:I am taking the fleece squares from my mom's blanket making (in the background before the waded up red table cloth) and cutting them into squares that when sewn together will be two inches, in a patchwork pattern (the semi-neat piles).

This is going to be a lot of work as I am doing this with scissors and a cardboard (see, I save things for a reason) template (most quilters have rotary cutters for this, I'm not ready to buy that yet) and will require lots of yarn breaks. I don't think that this is any reason to complain at all! I only need to get Chad to sharpen my scissors as they have a spot in the middle that doesn't want to cooperate.

And that will do me for now, talk to you all soon!

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