Monday, December 01, 2008

So, what now?

I did it! I actually did it!

For those of you who don't know, because I never officially announced it nor did I join an official site, just a group on Ravelry about it, I was a part of NaBloPoMo - and yes, hating the abbreviation it is officially National Blog Posting Month. I was to make a post everyday in November.

At the start of the month I sat down and sketched out topics with plans to have many of them pre-scheduled to go up. Lacking the discipline and opportunity to do that, especially as Thanksgiving approached, I didn't always post to topic but I posted. I apologize for those to those of you who read everyday.

I did this to encourage me to blog more and write about some of the things I think about. And it's worked fairly well.

What I learned is that if I think of a topic, I can formulate a good post as long as I just don't try to wing it everyday. I also believe that I do better having some topics written down to jog me into posting something.

What I'm weak at is sharing all that I really want to about a subject and falling short of what I really want to write. I hope to share that but there will always be aspects that I hold back from the blog.

This is blog, with all of it's stops and starts and random postings is the best I've ever done at journaling. It's about as complete as I've ever done with that as well. As I look back at past journals, reading entries that I promised myself that as they came day by day (that never lasted longer than a month anyway) that in context I would remember what was going on and why I wrote that and that I don't remember now - I realize that I'm doing the same thing with this.

So that means I have a few more goals in blogging as well. I want to offer more precise posts about some of the things I'm able/willing to talk about. I also want to do what I've said I'm going to do many times - incorporate more of my projects into this.

What I really enjoyed about this is that it got me in the habit of posting, even if I felt I should just stay quiet. I'm going to see how this goes for awhile more.

I'm not pledging a post everyday now, but certainly more than once a week. Besides I've still got many topics left.

Let's see how I do.

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