Thursday, December 04, 2008

Oh, my

I knew I wouldn't be able to do every day anymore. My siblings have drained me... I don't know how my mom does it.

I want to have more to report on right now. Unfortunately I haven't gotten as much completed as I had hoped to yet. I haven't even proven I've won the bet yet. Right now we are having arguments on the terms of the bet and how to prove that I know the song. He now is claiming to expect me to sing acapella... that's not happening and he knows it. He is just trying to weasel ten dollars out of me. That means I'm pulling in Sarah to be an "impartial" judge. If that doesn't work it will either have to involve mom or I'll do the you tube videos!

All is well with mom. She will be coming home today after two pm.

I promise to let you know who wins. Thanks to the radio I've proven I know one song, but the rest are to raunchy for Kelly's ears so... it will be us in a closed locked room this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck with your bet. An impartial judge is always ideal if siblings are involved.