Sunday, November 30, 2008

The weekly update

Kind of seems silly calling it a weekly update when I've been posting random things from day to day.  Especailly since I covered the major aspect of the week with Thanksgiving, mostly.
So this week Chad's been working around the house, mostly fixing up the bathroom from the damage that had occured to it, and then it was off to work.
I've been working on the penguins (as you've finally seen) and a few other projects I can't talk about right now... and that's all the hints that you're getting.
Thanksgiving, as I said was very nice with our friends and E. and her mom over.  We've had another more traditional meal yesterday when my mother-in-law cooked for us while we worked.  So yes, for everyone that worried since I cooked pork loin, Chad was able to get turkey (it's not my favorite thing, as you can tell, but I do eat it without any problems, unlike other things I don't like and try to eat).
This week will take me to Anderson, where I will win my bet with my brother and get fussed at because as I drive them to school and pull out of my parents garage in my mother's van I'll drive to slowly for them.  I want to see how they feel if they were allowed to try it (but no one is even close to that stage yet!)  And I shall bring more projects than I ever need with me to entertain myself.
So, that's the plan!  Talk to you soon!

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