Friday, November 28, 2008

Little Quirks

Last night as I was listening to one of my bookmarked stations on Rhapsody I started thinking about little things that I only vaguely remember and things that I remember vivid snippets of and want to find the rest. I consider these some of my little quirks. I can't resist sharing some of these with you, even though I'm sure you'll just shake your head and tell me to head on to the psychiatric ward.

- I still can't find the Looney Tunes Nickelodeon commercial after looking through pages and pages of youtube nick commercials... it's set to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and it's driving me crazy that I can't locate it with all the other things available out there.
- I keep thinking of snippets of a music video that had to be out in the 80's about a girl whose mother died and she wondered how her mom would get into heaven. In the video I remember the singer sitting at a window desk and then scenes inside a church. That's all I have to go on and I wouldn't know how to begin to search for a song with that info. I thought the singer could have been Richard Marx but I can't find any song like that in his works...
-I never broke my habit of shoving things where they couldn't be seen when I was cleaning. It's really coming back to haunt me...

The rest were thoughts that you've already heard me talk about multiple times, but those three really stood out as big quirks about me. And just because it's a good lead into the video at the bottom, here's one of my normal thoughts:

-I miss big Muppet specials, I hope NBC's is a good one that will bring the Muppets further back into mainstream culture.

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