Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your day has been a good one for whatever circumstance you may be in.

I am very thankful for everything I have in my life and for those who protect what I have in this life.

Chad and I enjoyed a very nice dinner that I made with friends contributing to the side dishes. And I made a non-traditional pork loin for dinner. I should have taken pictures, but alas... I didn't (lazy and worried that my cooking wouldn't be adequate). We also had J.'s mom E. over with his Grandma and I really enjoyed having everyone here. It was the best thing to do since Chad's working.

I also, as I cooked today, watched the entire Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade from start to finish for the first time in my life (I've always seen bits and pieces of it but never the entire thing). That has me very geared up for the new Muppet special that will be coming out next month! Loved seeing Kermit performing in the parade. And there was also the "Rick roll" (or however it's spelled I'm not hip as you all have already heard) that cracked me up.

I hope everyone continues to remember to be thankful, especially during this holiday season.

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