Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thought I forgot

Bet you thought I forgot... seeing as it's so late.

So my crafting progresses in that I have three rows left on James' blanket (yay!) and I am up the the back arm hole shaping (actually the straight knitting of the arm hole shapping) on my vest. Another yay! I'll get those to things done and then I'll start some Christmas things/finish my feather and fan shawl.

That about does it for us. The only other information that I have for you at this time is come Wednesday we won't have the internet until we have new service started on Thursday. So, if you are usually hearing from me by email, facebook, whatever, don't freak out as I won't be available online. If you want to chat and you've got my number, give me a call.

Besides, I'll be at my group on the first part of Wednesday and I'll have karate and stuff too...

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