Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Random Smattering

Once again, I'm sorry that this is later than I expected, Mom and I really enjoyed visiting with each other and catching up so I didn't come a post as I should have so... lets play a little randomness with catching up and give you more content than you expected.

First the karate test. Not horrible. I made it through, Chad and Mom enjoyed watching and you get pictures:

Warm-up stretches:

Basic Kicks:

One of the kata's (probably the first one):

Another kata:

And sparring:

Really I just thought it would be interesting for you all to see more action shots than you've seen before.

I did pass, and received my second patch on my brown belt. It will be another six months minimum (at this time unless Sensei changes it on me.) before I go for red belt.

Next lets prove that I'm both finishing and working on items.

Mom's socks that I talked about:

She loved them, wore them day and night when she tried them on for the first time (just one day and night she wasn't that bad.) And now wants many more pairs but will have to do the dreaded task of picking out more sock yarn to do so with... or even worse, sending me to pick out more sock yarn.

I don't know that I can handle it! (As the sarcasm drips from my voice I'm sure all of you know how hard this is really going to be for me.)

The next project has me still feeling slightly guilty even though I shouldn't. This is James' blanket (here's the proof you can show him Mom) and it had been one row from complete before I picked it up and looked at it realizing that it was not as wide at the top as it was at the bottom. Thus I lost most of one side border and all of the top as I found other mistakes in it as well.

I worked hard to finish it while Mom was here but I think a late October delivery is now in the works. It takes me an hour to get across the top on time not to mention the return on the row.

But it will be more than large enough when finished as I can lay on it with more than enough room.

Now, here is the first top (vest) I'm working on for myself and have 1.5 inches left to go before I start armhole shaping. I like it so far, we'll see how it is when I'm finished.

And here is my beaded scarf that I'm finally finished with.
The lighting isn't good today so the colors aren't as pretty as they are in real life but this is beautiful. Plus it has been decided that this will remain mine. I don't like full length long sleeves or jackets much anyway so a scarf should be perfect for me even here in SC.

And finally, my lace shawl, as it still looks like a blob in the needles (as it should) but is much bigger than the last time you looked at it.

And finally, a few random photos.

First, those of you who know me well, know that my hair really is straight as a stick, maybe with a hint or two of wave depending on where it sits on my shirt. Some of you, since I've had my hair cut and I've been wearing it curly (with the help of some wonderful hairspray from Aussie) and don't believe that it's straight.

Well, to prove it to you, here is my dry hair with no intervention:
I still don't know how I feel about it this short.

Next is Mom and I at the beach on Monday:

and the rare photo of Chad and I together:

And to leave on a colorful note, a picture I took at a park this morning:

Later all!

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