Thursday, September 11, 2008


I realize, I once again have not updated per promise.  This is mostly laziness as to not taking pictures and showing you all the items I've completed or added lots of stitches too (even if you can't tell yet becaue it's lace and a big wad on the needles).
Chad and I continue in our normal day to day routines, especially since Hannah turned out to be nothing here.  Which really was fine for us.
My crafting is going well as I complete projects - James' blanket, the beaded scarf, Mom's socks.  And the projects still on the needles - my lace shawl and the blocks for myself from my blanket.
On top of that I'm so far behind on the abc-along that I'm not sure I'll complete it but I want to give it a good effort.
Chad is trying to decide what to build next and we both have some visitors coming into town this weekend.
My karate test is Saturday and I  hope to get pictures of the whole process so I'll let you all know how that goes.
And I  think that covers it.
Talk to everyone soon!

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