Thursday, August 14, 2008

HIT Entertainment is Way off Base here...

You all realize how much I love Fraggle Rock and the rest of Jim Henson's work, right?

Take a look at this:

I am one of those people who have purchased some stand alone DVD's of episodes that first showed interest, written to the company about continuing to release individual sets, purchased the first three seasons of Fraggle Rock on DVD religiously within the week they came out, and now I'm going to be treated like this.

No one can afford in this economy (at least those leading typical lives) to spend their money this way just for the need to have one season to complete their collection. You'd better believe that I'm going to be writing the company.

What are they thinking? I mean, it makes sense even to have it as a separate release anyway so that those who aren't as well off as others, especially in these times, can have the option to make a purchase one at a time and continue to add to their collection.

Okay, that's it, I'm off to write HIT.

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