Saturday, June 07, 2008

K is for


Of course. (Yes it could be for Kelly, but would you believe that I've only taken video at the aquarium and NO pictures since she's been here. But that's a story for tomorrow)

I first encountered karate when I was around 10 or 11 I believe and took for almost three years. And it all started because I was jealous that my brother was going to be taking lessons for something and I wasn't.

At that time we took Goju Ryu and I really did enjoy it. I worked up to my brown belt in that style (first warning, every style has a different way that they do their belt system and while they may share colors they may not be in the same order, etc) and was a full belt away from black belt.

Unfortunately the dojo we went to closed and I did not show the dedication to keep up with my training. At the my parents had started foster care and it became a lot to lug to kids 30+ minutes to a dojo with the same style (same instructors too) for children who were not going to practice like they should. Especially when same children were doing other things like strings, band, Project Challenge, etc. So we quite and true to previous behavior did not keep up in the training.

Flash forward to nursing school and I'm desiring to do karate again, my muscles wanted to do the moves. I tell Chad that I really want to take karate again and complete my black belt when I have the chance. Then we move.

We lived down here just over a year, bought a house, yada yada yada. And in January of 2007 it was time, I was ready and we could afford it.

I found a dojo with a similar style - Wado Ryu - and it's very close to where I live with wonderful welcoming people willing to work with an adult in healthcare's schedule.

It's very supportive, I love the people. And today, I tested and passed to receive my first patch on my brown belt. YES! I have two more patches (I think) to make on this belt, then I have to make my red belt with four patches to be ready for black belt testing and that of course is only the beginning!

In rare form though, I am not going to show you a picture or pictures that I have taken, these are thanks to Sensei Dru (who's camera took some, my camera took others) and Ceceila (The Governor!) who both work at my dojo in North Charleston.

The first two are from Musashi night. I had forgotten my belt, but some others of us took them off because of the heat!

The next two are from a "regular" class night in which we tried to be all we could be - meaning that we, even without knowing them, did everyone's kata (forms of movements strung together - almost a dance for karate). So for some things I wasn't sure what I was doing. In the first picture we are doing roundhouse kick and the second is one of the kata's that I didn't know.

And these final two pictures are from my December awards ceremony (and I think have been on here before). The first is me with Sensei Todd and the second is me with Sensei Dru.

Hopefully as time goes on I'll be able to get more pictures of me at karate and with my Sensei's. (Maybe that's something I can con Sarah into when she's here Tuesday).

And that's my K. Look for more later!

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