Sunday, June 01, 2008

Another late Sunday Update...

without too much to report.

And sadly as I'm making myself unbelievably crazy (at least I think I'm doing it to myself but I may not be... others seem to have a hand in it) there are no pictures to show today.

So this week has been very busy with work. I've picked up more hours at work and trying to do this with everything else I want to do can be stressful.

Grandpa is back home from the hospital (for those of you who know about this) and doing well. He is much better and it is very relieving. He still sounds rough, as he is recovering from pneumonia but pneumonia would knock me and Chad through a loop if we got it and we would still sound bad too.

In other news Chad started keeping a fish tank again. This time fresh water so there's not as much up keep to it. It looks very nice and I adjusted to the noise of having the fish tank back up and running quicker than I did when we turned it off the first time.

And my big accomplishment for the week was to participate in our Musashi Night for karate. What this is, is to perform 10,000 techniques (half kicks, half punches). Now it can be a killer to do 250 in class as we sometimes do so going into I knew it would be hard. We started at midnight and we finished at four fifteen. And I've never done anything like this but I felt wonderful at having completed it! There were 22 of us, nine from my dojo (my karate school has four dojos in the area and one in NC) so we were all very happy. Needless to say though I am very sore, more so on my right side than my left (I'm very baffled at that).

But that does us for the past week. This next week should be very exciting as I have one of my sisters coming to spend time with us (I think I may be more excited than she is). I'll be back later on, hopefully with pictures!

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