Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I hate shopping

Some of you may find this too much information, but it is a fact of life and all I can tell you is to skip this entry. I need to vent. (And yes, Mom, you have already heard 90% of this)

Today I went shopping for neccessary clothing items and can I just tell you that I hate shopping. I HATE shopping.

I had two clothing items I was looking for, scrub pants for work (really shouldn't be that complicated), and new bras (of which I've always had a lukewarm/hate relationship with).

My only complaint in the scrub pants department is that I couldn't find my size in the colors that I need (either white or royal blue) and had to come home to order. But I am only down to one pair that fits properly although I can wing it until my new pairs get here as the problem with one that I have is only the pocket.

But really, the second largest employer in this geographical area makes their nurses wear royal blue or white so you would think that the scrub shops would carry more of this color. (MUSC
is the second employer only to the Navy that has a CLOSED base and an open weapons station - go figure.)

Bra shopping is ultimately the worst. Especially since sizing has supposedly changed from when I started having to wear bras that mattered (meaning bras with a cup, not your average beginning bras and sports bras).

For whatever reason, I have always been "blessed" in the bra department, so much so that I had surgery to tame this. For the past few months, it has bothered my that my bras haven't been fitting properly despite my weight loss of last year (currently at a stand still for this year, but I'm not helping things in the least bit). It was time to chalk it up and admit that I needed a new band size but that my cup size should be fine.

So, I researched, and don't understand why the recommendations have changed, but they have. When you research, depending on what company you are told to take two measurements (that's the same as before) the first below your breasts for the band size - ooops, now you are supposed to add anywhere from two to five to that number.



What? I mean really, a circumference is a circumference. Not that difficult. Wait, forget I said that, I'm a nurse and I should know better than to expect that a majority of people will understand basic concepts (it's amazing what you would think is common sense that is not, and I'm not talking about subjects within my field of work, I'm talking basic personal hygiene and such)...

Next you measure around the fullest part and subtract that for your cup size. This remains mostly the same but doesn't take into account rolls and such that develop on the sides that are not part of the breast.

In placing exact measurements in some websites I was told that my cup size should be a DD - F depending on the store.




Once again I had surgery to correct this problem. I knew that was a lie!

So, out to the stores I went. And I went with the idea of what I thought I should be. First to Sears that only had one, and after trying it on and discovering I was right in my thoughts for myself, I told myself I would come back to it if there was nothing else as there were plenty more options.

The second store I tried didn't have any in my cup size for my band size. Sigh.

The third place I tried was Victoria's Secret were I was reminded why I will only shop there if the world is ending and I have no other choice. They don't carry my band size. Neither in their stores, nor after checking once I got home, online. Oh, well, so much for them.

Next were more department stores - Belk's, Dillard's, etc and same problem of my size not being found.

Then I tried Fredrick's of Hollywood where I talked to the sales lady. She was really nice and helpful and confirmed for me that the measurement suggestions were mere guidelines as many people incorrectly measure too snugly in most cases and to go with my gut instincts. They even normally carry my size and had a few for me to try, but alas there were features in each that weren't appropriate for me. The sales lady was still very nice and apologized that nothing worked and didn't try to pressure me into anything else.

The confusing part about Fredrick's though is that their website does NOT carry my size... oh well, I prefer to try things on anyway.

Back to Sears where the needed one had disappeared which sent me to the Tanger Outlet to the Hanes, Bali, Leggs... store where I found two for $43.

Two for $43. And that was with a sale. I thought those days were over. But for what I need I guess I'll have to get over it. Now I just have to see if they really are appropriate over the next few weeks before committing to more.

Can you tell I have issues parting with money for clothes. Yarn - almost no problem but I do have reservations there that I'm starting to get over. Other crafts - great! Karate - You bet!! Food - no issues there! But clothes - I am really the person that still has shirts that she wore in high school (nothing with names etc but I still have those for nostalgic value) that are still worn today...

And I too balk at prices but when I sit down and factor everything into it - materials, labor, transportation, etc - understand why most prices are the way they are.

I shall get over it though, until the next time I have to do this...

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