Sunday, April 13, 2008

Projects, projects

Every time I set out to take pics of my projects the past week I was tied up or the weather had changed and I couldn't venture outside to take photos. But today was beautiful, allowing me to photograph my yarn projects and then work on an outdoor project.

First the knitting/crochet:

My finished Jaywalker socks (pattern from the defunct Magknits website, I haven't seen it posted by the designer elsewhere... yet)

I've worn them twice and love them. The only thing I should have done differently is to rib the top in a smaller needle size. Don't get me wrong, they stay up no problem I just would like them a little more snug at the top.

I knit them together and after I finish my traveling socks that will go to my mom, I will forever knit socks as pairs. Allows for a lot of problems to be adjusted for. Such as running out of yarn just before they are finished and getting a different yarn to finish with.

Again I have James' blanket, I was just wanting to play with the pictures.

This is a vest from a pattern that was given to me by a friend (I don't have it beside me at the moment, but when I'm ready to show this to you again, I'll have all the details.)

I'm knitting it 2.2 Softball by Valley yarns. It's cotton and I'm loving the drape and everything about it. The cables are popping just right and I can't wait to finish it so I can wear it.

And finally, a simple beaded scarf from a kit I bought at my LYS. This yarn is beautiful, the beads are beautiful, and I fell in love with it even more when I put this out in the sun.

I don't know when I would wear it living here in Charleston, but knowing me, it would be enough for me to get by on only a scarf and no jacket on most mornings and evenings in the winter as I wait on the bus at work.

As I put up the projects I thought about a comment I had made to my friend Sue when she came over to my house for the first time. "I have yarn in every room of my house"

Not only is this true, but extends the the outdoor sections too.

See, I was using yarn to mark off where I wanted to extend the flower beds too. And I know you're going to tell me that it doesn't count as that was only momentarily.

But a closer look on the porch reveals yarn that's been there for almost a year, keeping a tree secured to a stake:

Yes, it counts!

But my other project today was finishing (mostly I still have to do parts unseen from the street) the putting stone around the flower beds instead of the plastic stuff we put in last year.

The stone looks much better, don't you think:

And that's it from here. I will meet for knitting this week on Wednesday as I will be in Asheville during our usual time next week and other than that I'll just roam around doing my usual.

Later all!

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