Monday, April 07, 2008

G is for . . .

Gifts from Germany

I've always lived a minimum of 8 hours from my cousins so I'm not extremely close to most of them. The one I'm closest to and I were pen pals for a long time and while we don't write as much now as we did then, we still keep in touch and send each other things from time to time.

She's now living in Germany and getting her MBA while experiencing a life and love that makes her happy. Giving me the opportunity to get wonderful present from Germany that came in the mail today:

Immediately I fell in love with the contents. We have cookies and candies:

A hand crafted straw egg:
And a set of wooden figurines that are very popular there:

The banner says Happy Easter, and I love all the bunnies in it, especially the one sitting on the park bench knitting! What a perfect touch.

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Monica Silva said...

Hi Melissa,
Nice gifts from your cousin! 9 days later, are the chocolates still there or did you eat them all already ;-)?
Have a great week,