Sunday, March 09, 2008

So sore

I am so sore. I had my testing for my brown belt yesterday... and passed but it was a brutal test! Award ceremony is this week. Maybe I'll bring my camera with me. Heck, Chad's off, maybe he'll come with me! We'll see.

It was preparation for the test, and knitting, and work, and a bout of vertigo that kept me from getting back here this week. But all is well again and I have multiple things to prepare and post. Besides, it hasn't just been here that I've not posted, it's every where. I want to not be so hesitant in my posting and just be able to talk as I feel but I always am afraid of what others think... Got to change that.

Life isn't to different though. Just the testing was the most exciting thing this week. The weather is clearing up so we should be able to get back out into the yard soon to complete it. I should also be able to start taking more pictures and get to the beach to wander around.

Crafting wise here are the soon to be stalled projects I've been working on recently:

Jay walkers after turning heels

This is a popular sock pattern in my knitting world and I'm enjoy it. As my second pair of socks and first top down I think it's going very well. I can't wait to finish them and wear them.

Yes, to those familiar, I became impatient and the tops are very short comparitvely, but they come to a comfortable level for me and I'm happy with them. And yes, I'm working them on two circulars, having never read any instructions on how to do that just knowing the theory. It's working very well for me... I'm like that.

Feather and Fan Shawl

Feather and Fan Progress

This is my feather and fan shawl from A gathering of Lace, 20 rows in. It's been restarted multiple times and I'm fighting the feeing not to do it again because I fear I keep loosing stitches and picking up the wrong ones... I will compromise with myself and work to row 60 when the center flower is done then wash and block with the live stitches on waste yarn and show it to my knitting group to see what they think before restarting this time. I have to add my next lifeline before I move on again though...

Traveling Sock

Toe Up Travel Sock progress

And this is the sock I keep in my purse to work on. Just wanted to share the progress (which is actually backwards as I have frogged the heel on it since it wasn't long enough to go over anyone's foot... at least anyone who this sock would fit otherwise).

I'm saying these will be on hold soon again as I have birthdays to craft for! Fun isn't it. I'll keep you posted on those projects.

And that will do me for now.

Talk to you guys later!

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