Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I told you this would happen

I'm working on my knitting and crochet, and have picked up more projects, just as I told you on Sunday that I would be doing. And I haven't become frustrated with anything I'm currently working on, thus leading to a demise, I just haven't picked it up. Although, I do have one project that needs to be frogged*.

Part of the reason that I'm so restless right now is this is on of the birthday seasons for our families. Two of Chad's brothers had theirs at the beginning of the month then at the end of the month three in my family have birthdays within three days (one on one day, two two days later and no, they are not twins)... If you can imagine how sick of cake my family gets...

And needless to say, NOT A SOUL is easy to shop for. And to top that off most of the projects I want to do are way to big to get done within the time I start thinking about them. (Yes, for some things I need a year or more).

So, in lack of something to get for my youngest sister I've been scouring for animal patterns. She is an animal lover, so that's not an issue. It's making the item and making it look good. This can be a crap shoot for free patterns.

I have found one, yesterday, that I've made and I'm in love with it. Just look at him, an almost complete hedgehog:

He only needs eyes and his nose completed which will wait for me to run to the store on Thursday to get the proper beads for. (I'm also buying more yarn, that's why I'm waiting for Thursday.)

And I plan on making at least one more of these this week, if not a whole slew (the fastest project I've ever done, only took me an hour!). The next part is to determine if this will do for my sister, as I'm not liking the dog pattern I found right now:

Yes, I know I'm only halfway through him, but he's already homely looking (yes Mom, I am CTOS) and I'm not liking how his legs are working out for me. That's probably my hang up as well.

Both are crocheted patterns. And it doesn't help there are a million of them out there on the internet for free. I keep looking for hours at them, printing some out and then saying no, forget it.

I even had a little hamster pattern, since she seems to be on this kick of wanting a hamster, but that ended up in the trash it was so bad. Really Bad. I didn't even frog the project, it all just went in the trash (it was less yarn than the hedghog, no loss there).

Of course, all this looking means that the house is being neglected... again.

Well, I'm off to look for even more patterns. Talk to you guys soon.

*I've been asked to explain some of the terms I use for those of you who do not craft like I do. I'll try to remember and pick them up and add them at the bottom of posts whenever I talk about them. Just email me or something if I leave one out.

Frog, frogging, frogged - the rip out the stitches of the project either in part over several rows, or in whole ... come from what it sounds like when you say rip it, rip it, rip it, very fast... aren't we knitters and crocheters cute :)

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