Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Sunday came and went without me updating. I was feeling a little worse for wear after having worked night shift on a 45 minute nap and my awards ceremony for my brown belt. No Chad ended up unable to come, maybe next time.

Things continue status quo, as we try to work in the yard and Chad has officially decided to get rid of the fish tank as he couldn't bring himself to spend more than $20 on fish and the next fish that would be appropriate for his tank cost $90.

He is working on learning guitar and having a grand time with it.

I continue to work on several projects at once, and am anticipating good weather on Friday to enjoy taking pictures with.

In a move because we are planning a trip home soon, I'm meeting with my stitching group on Thursday instead of next week and other than that, not much is going on.

Talk to you all soon. Maybe I can photograph some of my WIP's outside where it's green instead of my boring white carpet and white walls.


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