Saturday, March 15, 2008

E is for


If you were to step into my house most of the time you would be led to believe that elephants are my favorite animal, when in truth it's frogs. But elephants will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Being that I have always lived a minimum of 8 hours away from my grandparents, my parents had met many wonderful people who became part of a core circle of friends by the time I was born four years later.

Ann and Marvin are my godparents and subsequently due to the distance of my grandparents, they are exactly like another set of grandparents to me.

Ann passed away in 1998 and it was very hard for everyone in her family, including extended family. Not long afterwards, her daughter was going through the duplicates of the elephants that she owned to sell them and I requested them instead so that I could carry a piece of her with me.

All in all, I received about 100 of them (the picture above being just one) plus, when I have felt her presence, I have added to my collection.

So E is for Elephants and their very special presence in my life, offering me comfort even today.

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guileless said...

i chanced upon your blog on the blogger nav bar and thought i'd say hi. i love reading (with great envy!) about people who crochet and knit...i can't for words, and it looks so fun!

the elephants are a really sweet tribute, too. the one you have in the photo is adorable.