Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nothing Exciting... Just Randomness

So, now that nightfall has descended again, and I haven't posted when I've told myself I would, I bring you the random thoughts of my mind.

Today was Sweater Day in honor of Fred Rogers. He would have been 80 today. Did you participate? I did in the way that I could (why by wearing a machine knit item and knitting and crocheting of course).

I know I told you all a few weeks ago, after I cut my hair that I would share a better picture soon. But alas I've avoided taking that picture for various reasons. But I can't hide it any longer, so here's a pic I took today while being silly outside:

And today is also the first day of spring. I'm very happy to know that our Japanese Red Leaf Maple is still alive and well in it's pot on the porch
I love it!

And this annual has decided it wanted another year and survived the winter as well to poor out flowers right now:
And while my tree is once again (yes, in our physical property we only own two planted trees, one in front and one in back!) going to be the last on the block to bloom I am very happy that is seems to be the first to have caught a slip of Spanish Moss and it has remained there from sometime this past winter even through the horrible winds and storms we are having. I love it!

I've really got to pick one project and stick with it soon as my productivity is declining since I keep starting so many more things. And today, after knitting with my friend Sue, I noticed that I tend to do this when I'm not feeling I'm getting anywhere on my projects. Such as I love my socks, but since I'm having to decrease and not just knit on them, I am frustrated with them and keep picking up other things.

Good thing, that I'm not too much like this in other areas of my life.

In other news, related to the story that I posted sometime last week about the woman on the toilet, her boyfriend is now being charged with mistreatment. Personally, I think his mental health should be looked into as well.

Also, did you see that there are now seven social sins that are as deadly as the seven venial sins. Don't ask my opinion, you don't want to get into it.

And as one more piece of news, there is good news for a swan that was once in love with a swan shaped boat.

Well, that will do me. I'm off to continue to figure out my karate, knit and crochet! Good night all!

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