Friday, January 18, 2008

I have issues...

It has dawned on me that I have issues.

For those of you who know me well, I'll pretend not to see you rolling your eyes and sighing as if to tell me that you told me so.

Today, when I got home from CHARMS (still enjoyable for me, but we are still looking for a place to call our home location.) I decided I was ready to do another swatch for my feather and fan shawl (thanks to Sue) and realized that I couldn't find my pattern book.

This book has not left the house since it was brought in. I have made copies from this book. I remembered seeing it sometime within the past week. And I was very distressed that I couldn't immediately put my hands on it.

I have found it, in a pile of things I had stashed in the guest bedroom/craft room to go through and put away properly later. Or rather, the fifth pile of things stashed in the closet from a time when I was cleaning and stored them there to get out of the way. At least it was in a one of the piles and not one of the buckets. (I cleaned our office last week, so...)

When my husband wakes up and sees that room, he won't know what to say. He'll just shake his head. I'll just apologize and say "I know and I'm going to get to it soon..." That's what I always say.

I think I really need to consider that it's time to organize it and give some things to Good Will. I don't like to do this when anybody but me is in the house. Seriously.

I have issues.

And to deal with those issues I'm going to do what any good yarn enthusiast would do... knit and crochet.

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