Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Yes, I realize that this is Wednesday and today I should post my WIP's (that's works in progress in case I haven't mentioned it before). But I'm feeling fickle as to my post today, as well as with my crafts, which you shall see in a minute.

First, I thought I would share this unique picture, of yarn that I have frogged from another project:

I'm sure my mom recognizes this yarn, but this particular hank I made by winding the yarn around cardboard as I unraveled it from it's last project, securing by tying in two places, then slipping off the cardboard, drew up into this neat little ball and I couldn't resist the picture of it on one of my place mats. Yes, sometimes I still pretend to have dreams of being a fancy schmancy artist (and yes, that's the technical term)

Second, I wanted to share pictures of me wearing Convertible as a shawl for those unable to picture it that way due to the picture of it folded up.

I've worn this twice, once as a shrug, using the buttons and once as a shawl and have loved it. I'm about to determine that I am the perfect person to wear shawls all the time. (Yes, Chad has told me how much this implies that I am "old") But every long sleeve shirt I own, the cuffs end up misshapen because I consistently push the sleeves up to the bottom of my elbows if not higher. I loved wearing this both ways but I need bigger buttons for it to be effective as a shrug, so that's my next search (and yes, I'm aware that I have plenty of yarn left, I could very well make matching buttons, but we'll see.)

Photographing the shawl made me realize I should go ahead and take a picture of how long my hair is, as it is the longest it's been since I was... I don't know if it's ever been this long really. Especially since I cut my bangs today and realized I have just over a month and a half before I cut the length off to donate to Locks of Love (I've been planning this for over a year, so I'm not going to be talked out of it besides, I can grow it long again)

I wonder how much longer it will be my March...

And finally I was ready to photograph most of my works in progress. My For Me?! project I'm holding of on photographing until the end of the month... There's not to much more to show on it anyway.

But, here are the other five WIP's in a jumbled mess on my love seat:

So, first up we have a project that I have to take apart and start over again as I lost the pattern count somehow and there's no saving it in it's current state. It's a Tunisian Crochet project that will be a blanket:

Tunisian crochet is a way to get an almost knitted like fabric while cheating and using crochet, but it's fun to do and really baffles those who already get knitting and crochet mixed up.

The second is a simple scarf that I'll be able to work on in the movie theater and such when we go. It was really started as a way for me to demonstrate the way that I purl:
We'll save the purling discussion for another day. I'll just say that 90% of people who see the way I purl don't know what to think about it...

This is a crocheted hexagon shaped baby blanket that I'm not sure if I'm liking or not... Everyone who sees it likes it but I don't know about the way it's laying. I'll have to decide as it gets bigger. It's done granny square style in that you start with the middle only it's not square as the name says...

Here are the swatches to the feather and fan shawl as they are blocking:
And here's the first 10 rows of the shawl, secured onto the needles.
This is indeed the best picture you will get of it for now, as I don't yet have a lifeline in it (a piece of yarn ran through all the stitches to stop it from unraveling if I drop one) and it's only on two double point needles ala magic loop style as I was having issues when I was trying to begin it. Give me another few rounds and I'll have it divided onto three needles and then you can see what the lace will allow you to pre-blocking.

And last but not least is the toe of a toe up sock that will be another mindless project to travel around town with. This is being worked on size 1 needles in a random yarn from my stash that I know was labeled sock yarn and is cotton but can't for the life of me remember what company I got it from and can't find the ball band.
So, you indeed see how fickle I am as I couldn't decide what to post or what to work on.

That will do me for now. I'll be posting again tomorrow as I make my B post for the ABC along. At least that's the plan for now. I could surprise us all and ramble on about something else.


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