Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The pictures

Here are the pictures from the other day, now that I am back at home.

This is the first penguin I made for Daniels penguin brigade. A joke that he has about how the world is really ran. If you want full details, call him and ask as it continually becomes more and more complicated. The dime is for size reference.
Here they are cooking to set in the oven, what I was referring to the other day.
And now, the penguin brigade has invaded the cake table.
While making their way towards the cakes.
Here is Daniel examining the penguins. He really enjoyed them and has plans for them to conquer his entertainment center at his apartment.

Then we had the party. Here's mom being loved on by Daniel and Kat's puppy Bailey:
Daniel and Kat: I got two good pictures of them and in each one or the other has their eyes closed.
The party:
The Clemson Graduates.
And toasting to their success:

That will do me for now. I still have lots of pictures I could share, but I've got things I have to get done here so, they will have to wait.

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