Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day to all

Happy Mothers day everyone!

So, not to much news. Chad is enjoying visiting with his mom, Thom, and Nic as they went to Charleston and I traveled to Anderson for graduation. We managed to finish yard work and just work our schedules throught the week, with a brief pause to go to dinner and spend quality time with each other for our fourth anniversary on the 10th.

I would have posted then, but I was working and he had just come off of his rotation so I preferred to spend the time with him than on the computer... another time I will wax poetic on our relationship.

I have lots that I want to show you, but as I am not on my home computer, I can't crop my photos to get them just right... alas, you will have to wait for me to get home later this week to do so (tuesday, wednesday, I'm not exactly sure).

Daniel's graduation has been fun, he greatly enjoyed his present, a penguin brigade (pictures to come later with whatever explanation can be mustered) that I made out of clay (that's what was cooking the other day, the clay so that it could set). I gave Kat hemp so that she can occupy her free time immeresed in her crafts (although, I don't know when that would be) and one of Daniels two best friends (the one graduating this year) a pen with a video game on top of it.

I was also informed that I will have free range for pictures at the wedding... the photographer has said that I am family so I come first. That's not quite how I wanted it to be when I had them ask, but I think the photographer is appreciative that I am thinking of her and her career. I know that I always look intrusive with the camera so, I didn't want to step on her toes.

Today I am taking my mother to dinner and then we shall go to see Jesus Christ Superstar (as I said last week).

That will do me for now, as I feel "nakid" with out including a few pictures. I will talk to you all again when I am able to share them.

Take care!

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