Friday, May 18, 2007


So, what does a crafter do when they are so sick they can't work but have reached the point when they can't sleep anymore either?

They get the nerve to try thread crochet projects.

To put it mildly, thread crochet is detailed work. Better yet, let me show you:

I drew around the hook area that is the main working portion of this crochet hook so that you could see where that is. The rest of the hook is to make my hand more comfortable.

After several hours (try 8+) I have this:

Again with the dime for reference:
And I still have another round to go before this flower is complete. Needless to say if I can complete one of these a week I will be happy. It's for nothing specific (well, it's a bedspread pattern) but something that I would like to accomplish along with all the other projects that I'm working on.

Hopefully as time progresses and working with this tiny thread becomes more familiar I'll get faster. Who knows.

Well, off to watch more craft shows before going to bed. Later all!


Debbie said...

Holy Cow! have you gone blind yet?

Melissa said...

Not yet. I have completed that one but haven't started the next yet. I have to save my eyesight to return to work tonight.

Marlene said...

I do a bit of thread crochet once in awhile. I used to do quite a bit. That particular medallion you are doing looks like one of the more labor intense (solid) ones. Don't use it to determine if thread crochet will remain an interest for you. You could do a more open work design in less time.