Tuesday, April 10, 2007

For Me?! Knitalong Update #1

Having embarked on organizing a knit-a-long, I thought I would go ahead and update here as to my yarn choice, my pattern choice, and a little personal info that may not be so clear in the back log of posts that are on here.

So, you already know that my name is Melissa and I'm a knitter. In addition to that I'm 25 years old and live with my husband in beautiful Charleston, SC where I work as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse. I've been doing that for a year and a half and LOVE it.

As well as knitting I am an avid digital photographer, crocheter, work with clay, work with small bead looms, cross stitch and anything else that grabs my interest. I love reading and listening to music as I work on my crafts.

There's not too much else to know about me other than I will go in fits and spurts online due to my work schedule but I try to be available at least once a day.

Now, as to my yarn choice I am using the following yarn:

As I think it's beautiful and I more than enough of it (I have three 430yd/393m skeins of it) and I'm not overly picky with my yarns. Plus, for me and the way I treat things acrylic is more practical for me to start out with. Maybe for another theme of the knit-a-long I'll expand my horizons.

This yarn was originally to be used for a Tunisian Crochet project but... it longs to be something else. What can I say, yarn speaks to me.

I am going to be using the a pattern Convertible from Knitty as my pattern.

My next step is to swatch it (especially seeing as I have never officially swatched and need to try to do it) and find buttons for it.

I look forward to seeing what everyone else decides.


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Iris G said...

Hello Melissa, thank you for checking out my blog! Love your choice of pattern and that pretty pastel yarn-- I remembered using it when I first started knitting, and still like it :-).