Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another Sunday

For those here for For Me?! an update follows close to the end of this post.

Well, I just realized that for whatever reason my photos from last weeks update aren't working. I'll have to try them again after this.

This week has been fairly normal, I've been doing some research and brainstorming about photography, and working. Day and night shifts this past week. I was supposed to work today BUT I messed up my own schedule forgetting that I worked a night shift on Saturday night and put myself down for a day shift today (new schedule). Needless to say, it is not allowable to have nurses work 24+ hours in a non emergent situation. Even in emergent situations (hurricanes and pesky things like that) they don't have us work 24+ hours so... my schedule was changed.

Chad traveled to Anderson and back this week and enjoyed himself. His everyday things are following along as normal as well.

Later on this week I'll be heading to Greenville for a neonatal seminar and I'm looking forward to it. I will get lectures (for CEU's for my license) on some very interesting topics. Well, interesting to me and others in my field, they wouldn't really do much but confuse most non-nursing folks out there.

I do have a few pics to share this week of a little frog I found on my sprinkler (leave it to me to find the frogs)

I thought he may have passed because he didn't move and didn't appear to be breathing at all when I picked up the sprinkler (he surprised me as I just looked down after I had picked it up and was like oh, there's a little frog) But then he moved an surprised me, making me set down it down very quickly where he then tried to hide from me:

I hope to have some more interesting content for you next week. I know I keep saying this and I do start thinking of things to post, but then my self-imposed ADD (meaning I want to try to do 20 things at once so I become distracted and go off on different tangents) is making that difficult.

As for knitting, I have casted on and started knitting my swatch:

of which I have already had to go up one needle size to get close to gauge when unwashed. I'll have more pictures of the swatch next week I'm sure.

Chad made a comment to me though, that I make the most interesting faces when knitting. I put the camera on self time mode (10 seconds) and tried to see if I could get what he was talking about:

Yup, it's a funny face. I'll have to see if I can fix that. I know that I am relaxed when knitting, I just don't look it.

I think that will do us for this week, unless somewhere out there knows of a source for sea otter knitting or crochet patterns... (Don't ask)

And Daniel, I'm finding all sorts of wonderful Duck patterns so beware...

Later all!

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