Monday, April 09, 2007

And here's the update (finally)!

And here we are finally with the update that encompasses really two weeks and not just one, since I didn't do well last week with the update.

It's taken me awhile to get to this post today because I keep becoming distracted by other things.

So, in the final days of March, I traveled to Anderson and celebrated birthday season with my siblings. Daniel got me the first three seasons of the Gummi Bears on DVD and I gave him kites. What can I say, we are both strange and have unique interests and give gifts based on them. Needless to say though, that already this year Daniel is going to stack up on quite a few wonderful gifts as he had his birthday and his Clemson graduation is coming up on May 11 (another Anderson trip to party that weekend) and his wedding to Kat in June.

Yes, you all read that correctly, my brother is getting married and I couldn't be happier for them. They are doing a similar thing to Chad and I though and planning a wedding quickly, although, ultimately they have more time than Chad and I gave anyone.

Here's the couple from pics I took when we went out to Corbet McGees so that I could see my grandpa:

We had a lot of fun that night too.

The next birthdays were Tameeka's and Kelly's and while I had to go home on their birthday so that I could work before they came here, we enjoyed it. I gave Kelly a Disney Princess storybook and a bear that I bought from the March of Dimes that is already well loved by her. The one kink is that she wanted something made by me because Tameeka got something made. I told her next year, because I only have so much time to be able to adequately complete a project.

Tameeka was the recipient of the purse. Here it is just before completion, completed and with her:

For those from KR wanting info I made the purse from LB's Microspun (I love this yarn) using a wash cloth pattern that I found from Knitting Pattern Central. I knitted a back square with no dolphin in it to match and then did a garter stitch strap. I then bought some remnant white cloth that I sewed together with a zipper on my sewing machine and then stitched it into the purse.

Next they came here and we had a grand time. Here are a few pictures of us goofing around, most from the SC aquarium:

James and Sarah, the trouble makers when together.

This is quite a group to try to get into photos.

I love Kelly's expression here. She was looking at an owl that she is always amazed by when coming.

They're up to trouble again.

Look, my dad in a picture with the frog!

They went home Sunday afternoon to get back to life as usual (or as much as it can be with that many people.)

In other news, Chad's doing well and plans to be the one to go to Anderson next, but hasn't ironed out all the details. We also are just spending time working on the house and our hobbies. Chad's really enjoying his fish tank that I'm trying to get better pictures of to share again.

I am still hemming and hawing about my artistic pictures and continue to withhold them until I make up my mind with certainty. There's a lot that goes into this decision making process for me. What this means to you is that you get to spend more time looking at my arts and crafts and family photos and not so much scenery, and maybe an occasional random whatever photo. Since my weekly pictures concentrated on artistry that means they are now withheld.

In knitting news, I have my knit-a-long website up with more details coming on it. Visit that here and I look forward to many of you joining! Buttons and more coming in the next few days and weeks.

The crochet tutorials are taking me a little longer than I want them to (because I seem to have elective ADD at home and can't concentrate on much of anything as my thoughts catch up on me and leave me wanting to do fifty million things at once). Since I have the knit-a-long up though, I hope to get this up and running soon too.

And I leave you with two random pictures of a little bunny I found myself chasing around my house just to get pictures of him. He was found when I moved my hose house as I was digging up monkey grass.

Later all! Talk to you next week (if not sooner!)

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