Monday, February 26, 2007

Random Ramblings

Sorry this post is late. I was working, you understand how that goes these days. Life seems to be settling and I am just living with the random thoughts that go through my head (usually stuff to accoust Chad with). After the events of the middle of the week, life has been straightened out, so I've decided to concentrate on pictures this week.

There are a few more than the fourteen that's owed, for various reasons. But at least there are different subjects and techniques. My goal this week is to be able to do more outdoors photos... that is where I think I find subjects the best, even if it is just subjects to alter.

First, I start with a picture for my Knitters Review friends. This is a screen shot that I took of the cow so I could show you all that he's knitted. Since I know what I was looking for, I hope that you all can see it too:

I dislike trying to take pics of the tv. the lighting varies too much for me to try to keep up with.

In keeping with the video games, I've decided to show you the character I've made of myself for my games. I did two versions, one of "current me" and one of "old me."

I had to put the birth mark on there just for fun.

I started off one of these past two weeks thinking that I would do pictures of my favorites that I had lying around the house.

Eeyore hidden at the bottom of our entertainment center:
(I got this picture also for KR folks who I wanted to show the detail of my cabling in LB's Microspun to. This is truly a love or hate yarn. Obviously I love it...)

My beloved godmothers elephants:

I then started to want to get out of the mold and move more towards what I felt were true artistic attempts for me. The first was a poor attempt to meld the favorites with artistic. Comes out cutesy:
Yes, Mr. Fredrick T. Frog is going to complete my knitting for me. He'd better get cracking as he's got a long way to go. (He's named from an assignment I had in elementary school.)

I then moved on to see what other interesting things I could try with my photos this week. I came up with the following in no particular order at all.

Interesting reflections from the side of a glass bottle that I have:

Mistreated memories.

I took this next picture by pouring beads out of my hand and then playing with effects in my software.

Half forgotten memories:

This is the full handful of beads after hitting the floor. I just played with lighting effects.

Water drops on one of my house plants.

And just playing with the light a little on a group of shells that I brought home.

The final group of photos is inspired by a friend of mine, who is trying to begin to crochet. She is becoming confused by the book somewhat and was asking if I could produce the pictures of the diagram for a slip knot for her to print out and follow (hard to print a video that is found online.) If she can follow these then I may do a few tutorials for her and place them here for all to enjoy.

Wrap yarn twice around fingers.

Insert hook under the top wrap and grap the second wrap.

Without releasing yarn, pull second wrap up under first wrap.

Take wrap off of fingers leaving pulled loop on the hook, hold both tails of the yarn and pull.

Your slip knot should look like this on the hook.

That does me for now.

Later all!

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Amanda (Coolee) said... of those trophies looks vaugely familiar....perhaps 6th place at state? Go Coolee and Birch! WOO!