Saturday, March 03, 2007

KR Folks, (or anyone) Please Help!!

Okay everyone, here are the shrubs I was talking about on the forum, anyone have any ideas?

My searches are pulling up way too much that I can't be sure. I am certain that we have monkey grass though... but I don't know for how much longer...

Shrub number 1:
Shrub number 2:
Shrub # 3
Shrubs number 3 on opposite side of the house from driveway:
Line of shrubs 1 and 2


Martheme said...

I don't know 1 or 3 but #2 is a rhododendron, just don't ask me the proper spelling. . . .

I'd suggest checking the library for a shrub book, it'll have photos to help with an id.

Or you could cut a small piece and take it to a garden center (a real one not a big box home improvment) and they will know what it is.

good luck,


Sue Woo said...

I posted a reply on the KR forum. The flowering shrub is lorapetalum I think. Shaggy's right about the ligustrum.